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Motive Answer Transcripts

Wickham: Whatever the Crawfords say, I do feel for Willoughby. He seemed an agreeable, comfortable sort of fellow, and even in our slight acquaintance, he confided his troubles to me right away. Had I not been similarly indebted, I’d have lent him all he needed! His blackmail scheme was only a problem when it was found out. If only Willoughby had trusted me with his target! I could put this to rest once and for all. Unfortunately, I’m under too much scrutiny to search our little party’s chambers myself...but Lydia isn’t watching you. Take my key to the bedrooms and find out all you can! Perhaps the blackmailed person and the murderer are among us, or even one and the same! Tell the porter that the password is “blackmail” and do your best to discover who has committed this terrible crime. 

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