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Billiards Room Transcripts

Lydia: I know Miss Woodhouse is distraught, but I find Willoughby’s murder is too thrilling for words!Lady Susan, I am sure you understand me. I saw you investigating the body earlier. You must tell us all.


Lady Susan: Mrs. Wickham, I am mortified. How dare you suggest such a thing? 


Henry Tilney: Come Lady Susan, if you have information for us, do not hesitate to make your discoveries known. Surely you would feel sorry to think your delays prevented our apprehension of a murderer. 


Lady Susan: Very well, very well. I suppose this is of the greatest importance. I noticed a few scraps of paper which must have fallen during the attack. The first few sheets are perfectly dreadful, but they are all the same; several notices of debt.


Tilney: Ahh, poor chap. I feel for the man. 


Mary Crawford: I might advise you to keep your sympathies in check, Mr. Tilney. Whatever Willoughby’s misfortunes, his debts were not likely to plague him for long. 


Lydia: Forgive my interruption, but Lady Susan, I know these were not the only papers you found. I insist that you tell us all! 


Lady Susan: You are so amusing, Mrs. Wickham, and perfectly correct. This page is in some sort of code, and I have gone distracted trying to find it out. Perhaps you can puzzle out the meaning.

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